Club Guidelines


The object of the Club is to provide a safe and enjoyable place for adults and children of all ages and abilities to meet and play tennis.


Court Bookings:

  • Members may book the court by telephoning or calling into the Newsagents in the Square (01884 860815).  Non-members may also book the court in the same way but they will be required to pay £2.50 per person per hour court fee.
  • If a Member brings a guest to play at the Club, they should pay the appropriate guest fee (£2.50 per person per hour) which should be paid at the Newsagents or given to a member of the Committee.

Court Etiquette:

  • In order to preserve the court surface, it is essential that correct tennis footwear is used at all times.  Proper tennis shoes or trainers with non-marking soles must be worn.
  • Once play has finished and the court is to be vacated, players are responsible for cleaning their litter and any surplus tennis balls they have used.
  • At no time may drinking glasses or any other breakable drinking vessels be taken on the court.
  • No chewing gum should be left on or around the court.
  • No food should be consumed near the court area.
  • Members are expected to maintain a high standard of language use at all times.
  • It is not necessary to lower the net after play so there is no winder left on the court.  If you find that it is necessary to adjust the net, the winder and measure can be found inside the clubhouse, where they should be returned after use.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that juniors properly use and take care of the court and clubhouse.
  • The court is out of bounds to bicycles, roller blades and dogs.


  • The clubhouse is available for the use of all Members and all Members will be issued with a key on joining the club.
  • Members are encouraged to use the clubhouse as required but it would be appreciated if they would leave it tidy and securely locked.
  • Toilet facilities are available in the Parish Hall, the key for which is located inside the clubhouse.  Again, you are asked to make sure that the Parish Hall is securely locked before leaving.

Icy Weather:

  • On occasions, the courts may still have frost on it where the clubhouse shades the court.  You should NEVER attempt to play on the court in this state.  However, it may be possible to disperse the frost if you sprinkle salt on the icy areas.  There is a supply of salt inside the clubhouse.

Club Liability:

  • Members or guests leaving unattended vehicles, rackets, clothing or other property at the club do so at their own risk.  The club shall not be responsible of any loss, damage or injury.


  • Subscriptions are due on 1st April and they should be paid before the end of the month.  Anyone who has not paid by that date, cannot be entered in the Wimbledon ballot.

Wimbledon Ballot:

  • Any member who wishes to be entered into the Wimbledon Ballot must first be a British Tennis member and you can register online here.
  • If you have registered, you must 'opt in' before the middle of February each year to be elligible to be entered into the draw.