Recording & Publishing Images Policy


Parents, Carers and Spectators

The LTA encourages parents, carers and spectators to use photographic equipment to capture their child or friend playing tennis to suppot and encourage their experience.


Parents, carers and other spectators are required to register at an event if they wish to use any photographic equipment.  The event organiser will ask anyone not registered to stop using photographic equipment and delete any images that may have been taken.


If any parent, carer or spectator has concerns about inappropriate photography, this should be reported immediately to the event organiser, official or welfare officer, who will follow child protection procedures.


Professionals, Competition Organisers and Officials

The LTA requests that you ensure that all parents, carers and spectators who want to use photographic equipment are registered with you.


If you wish to take photographs at an event or publish images following an event you must ensure you have consent from parents, carers or the individual (if over 18) prior to the event and that you are registered with the event organiser.


If you see any individual taking photogaphs which you deem to be intrusive or inappropriate you must address this in line with the child protection procedures.


Children and Young People

It is okay for a photographer to take photos when you are on court, as long as your parent or carer has told the photographer it is alright.


If you see someone taking photos or filming that makes you feel worried, tell you parent or carer, or the event organiser or welfare officer straight away.



If you wish to take photographs or recordings, prior to any event, you should ensure hyou have obtained consent from:

The event organiser, and

Parents, carers of all children involved


In order to obtain consent you must explain why you are taking the images and what they will be used for.  This ensures that parents or carers are giving informed consent.  To achieve this, it is strongly recommended they also sign the Media Consent Form.


Photographing and Recording

All children featured in photographs or recordings must be:

  • Appropriately dressed with clothing covering their torso from their neck to thighs, e.g. a t-shirt and shorts or skirt;
  • Featured with people engaging in tennis;
  • Recorded in groups with other children or adults where possibly; and
  • Representative of the diversity across tennis, with regard to age, gender, ethnicity and disability

Any inappropriate use of images should be reported to the LTA Safeguarding Team and the Police.


Photographing and Recording in Public Spaces

There is no law specifically prohibiting the photography of individuals (including children) in public places.  Subject to the below, individuals are permitted to:

  • take photos of children without the consent of the parents/legal guardians, using a normal lens; and
  • keep photos taken, however, if the person wishes to publish a recognisable image of the child, they are required to gain consent from the parents/legal guardian.

This is permitted, provided the behaviour does not amount to harassment or a breach of privacy.  Whether the behaviour amounts to harassment or a breach of privacy will depend on the facts in each case.


In practice, you might not want to get into whether there has been a breach of privacy or if the conduct amounted to harassment.  If an individual is taking photographs in a public space and this is making the children, coach or parents uncomfortable, it is best to approach the photographer and politely request they stop taking photographs and remind them they are required to gain consent from parents if they wish to publish any photographs.


N.B.  If the photographer has a long lens, they should be informed they are not allowed to use this when taking photos of people in public spaces.


Publishing Images

Remember to give adequate thought to the selection of images in publicity material both printed and web-based.  Where possible, use a technique such as 'watermarking' on the images.


All children featured can only be:

  • identfied using their first name, although it is preferable that their name is not given;
  • printed or uploaded with written consent from parents/carers; and
  • shown engaging in tennis activities

For your safety it is recommended that you avoid the following:

  • images of children and young people on their own;
  • images of children and young people outside a tennis environment;
  • streaming any content directly to a website; and
  • using any images for which you have not obtained consent (please use the Media Consent Form)

Please be aware that coaches, teachers and others may use video equipment as a legitiate coaching method.  Tennis players and their parents or carers should be made aware this forms part of the tennis programme and that any recordings will be destroyed after use.


Safeguarding Team Contact Details

T: 020 8487 7000  E:


You may find it useful to refresh your knowledge of the Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and Safeguarding Adults Policy (as required) and guidance.  This can be found at